5 principles of community outreach

5 principles of community outreach

1. Leverage contacts to set up face to face meetings or conference calls with group leaders. Align with existing company initiatives such as existing partnership with NAWBO and CCM relationship with industry.
2. Internal Company relationship manager assigned who will be the main contact to each group leader during the negotiation and beyond. This person should have some power to negotiate within a framework to deal with requests and ideas in a timely manner. These collaborations cannot be outsourced and are assumed to be long term.
3. Company offering; response to a critical need with a somewhat customized program. For efficiency and effectiveness, we recommend several incentive strategies and relationship structures from which we create a custom mix. Needs should not be purely financial since we are striving for depth of relationship.
4. Sensitivity to any issues of disappointment or favouritism.  Some members of our community groups may not be accepted.
5. Clear and honest dialogue can progress the relationship from marketing to partnership in a way that can yield support and loyalty from the entire community.

5 principles of community “adoption”

1. Clarify mutual benefits, responsibilities, path & benchmarks with leader.
2. Arm leaders with resources and viral tools that will make it easy to spread the word (See next page for toolkit).
3. Arm existing evangelists & customers with tools as that make it easy to spread the word and connect with one another with the brand as context.
4. Employ honesty and transparency in community leaders since these will be ongoing one on one relationships.
5. Clarify Company’s value contribution through a solid platform (See the second slide from this. Platform is confidential but is essentially how community efforts tie back to brand positioning).

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