Borderless Ethnic Communities

Gross overuse of the words ethnic and community could not be avoided.

The Hispanic marketing frenzy in the US has helped to give Hispanics a greater voice. It has begun to shift the way we think of what it means to be American. “Hispanic communities” bring together people from Mexico, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic and many more countries under one umbrella in a new location- It is about the new border. It is interesting to compare this to Turkish, Egyptian, African immigrants in Europe.

With these groups, they have dispersed into several countries and maintain their unique ethnic identity. So there are groups of Turkish people throughout Europe that make up one borderless community. MiGente is one of the largest online Hispanic communities and there isn’t really an equivalent  for borderless folks throughout Europe. Roots and Routesis one of the best candidates I’ve seen for offering this new kind of online/offline/ethnic/cultural community-

They highlight the positive cultural contribution these groups make to countries like Holland, France and Belgium through music, urban dance and technology. They provide master classes with famous world musicians, scout young talent and give workshops and mentorships on a range of cultural specialties. From what I see they can offer a great service to bring people just a bit closer to others with a shared cultural experience. Perhaps a partnership with Community Connect? Turkish, Morrocan, Egyptian, African- It’s the new Hispanic 😉

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