Community of Small Businesses

Just completed an Online/Offline small business map for a Client. The map highlights 25 communities and 30 blogger/influencers for possible partnership. From this mapping, we have recommended 9 communities and 12 individual influencers as affiliates. Recommendations were based on activity level of members, size of the group, relevance to the Client, PR potential and existing relationships. Here is an a excerpt from the analysis for those looking to reach out to the small business owner:

5 types of communities:

1. Industry associations ex: AMA and PRSA (#1 in size but passive member engagement)
2. Value-centric organizations ex: Fast Company and NetImpact where companies align for a common good (#2 in size with highly active and passionate members)
3. Owner specific organizations ex: NAWBO and LBUSA which are driven by the ethnicity, gender, education or religion of the founder.(# 3 in size treated more as “networks” than “communities”)
4. Networks of entrepreneurs. (Emphasize capital raising and growth)
5. General small business groups (Small, general groups with highest concentration of small businesses)

Based on these recommendations, we created a plan for 2004/2005 for outreach to and adoption of the communities. I will post more excerpts shortly.

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