Glowing Community of Possibly Branded Urban Adventure

We had the good fortune of catching up with old friends from GlowLab community for a new business brainstorm. I forgot how many people are doing interesting psychogeography and urban gaming projects in NY. One of our glowing initiatives had been the HERE game, which we had the good fortune of playing yesterday in Utrecht with students from HKU.

We’ll go back next week to guest lecture on Urban Gaming overall and see how they have modified the game for their school. We’ve modified HERE for Amsterdam with more bike interaction and new cards around beautifying parked bikes and creating flyers for a bike yoga class. However, yesterday’s adventure made us think about the consumer community version of this game or any other. Wireless carriers already offer various urban gaming through cell phones and cameras but Imagine the suburban adventure game for brand fans or foes:

Drive-thru McDonalds just to say have a nice day to the McWorkers
Give them this sticker or any other gift

Go to your favorite mass merchandiser and buy 1 upcoming birthday or holiday gift

Drive to the nearest convenience store and create a parking lot sculpture

Leave “Thank You for shopping…” notes under windshields of all parked cars at your favorite local drugstore

Make a list of your favorite brands and post it at your local supermarket (playlist?)

Visit a friend at work or at home and bring them something you’ve prepared

Create some sabotage marketing against your favorite brand’s main competition

Mass merch scavenger hunt: Fill up a cart with as many items of one color as possible. If in a group itemize the products and see who has the highest dollar value. Don’t buy anything.

Leave a flyer for Buy Nothing Day under all car windshields in a mass merchandiser parking lot

Wear a sticker saying “Boycott XYZ” and wear it into the store/restaurant

Hold up signs on a  busy street promoting the local health food store

Take inspiration from the Barbie Liberation Army: alter some merchandise, then replace it on the shelves.

Take inspiration from and paste anti corporate stickers on select goods in your (un)favorite store

Use included stink bombs to drive customers away from ‘evil’ purchases

Use some kind of website sucking tool, to make your own version of your (un)favorite brand.

Create horribly honest and terrible for business slogans for brands.

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